Commercial Carpet Cleaning: True Professionals

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Nu-Life Carpet Care provides all critical items, meeting clients’ needs.


on this

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Soil Removal Report (only Nu-Life provides this)

Soil Load Analysis (only Nu-Life provides this)

True Carpet Cleaning Technicians (not janitorial staff)

Real Testimonials/References (no computer generated comments )

Blended Schedules (all services must have actual value)

Paying Lowest Price Possible (low or negative value)

Access to a True Cleaning and Fibre Industry Expert (with real and diverse experience)

Access to an “Account” Manager

Ability to Cover Vast Areas in a Short Time (e.g., 10,000 sq ft / hr)         ✓
Effective Use of Customized Equipment to Maximize Soil Removal and Minimize Intrusion (security, noise, etc)

Effective Spotting (using science to determine procedure)

Use of Deodorizers (source must be removed)

Real Training, Certification Courses, Team Orientation, Experience

High Level of Quality Control


Three things only available through Nu-Life Carpet Care (no one else does them):

  1. Nu-Life performs a Soil Load Analysis!
  2. Nu-Life provides a Soil Recovery Report! We are accountable to our clients.
  3. Nu-Life’s proprietary PowerVac system removes 5X more! soil dry than any other system we are aware of.

Other benefits of using Nu-Life:

  • In conjunction with the PowerVac system, Nu-Life uses environmentally friendly encapsulation cleaning: Real green cleaning with no carbon footprint.
  • We have a solid performance track record, evidenced by our extremely high rate of repeat and referral customers.
  • Our team is amazing—we regularly receive very positive feedback from our clients.
    • Technicians are trained personally by Nu-Life’s technical expert to adhere to cleaning standards that exceed those commonly found in this industry. Technicians are IICRC certified. They stay with us, too!
    • Office personnel are courteous, professional and customer-focused. They are always available to help in any way that they can.
  • Highly knowledgeable owner is involved in customer care and is ready to solve the most complex cleaning issues.
  • We always operate our business with integrity. The essence of our business is to provide the very best value for our customer’s investment.

What is a Soil Load Analysis?

Don’t waste money on services you don’t need! Nu-Life’s General Manager, an industry expert, will attend a requested appointment and perform a soil recovery test on a specific area of carpet. The soil that is recovered will be weighed and the results will be provided in chart format. This will indicate how saturated with soil the customer’s carpet is, and will provide concrete information on how to proceed with a cleaning program. For example, a Soil Load Analysis that shows a carpet is twice as dirty as the average suggests that a more aggressive cleaning schedule is necessary, and vice versa.

Commercial carpeting is designed by manufacturers to hide large volumes of soil. You may be surprised by how much soil is in the carpet and causing damage.

What is a Soil Recovery Report?

Every commercial cleaning client receives a Soil Recovery Report indicating how much dry soil Nu-Life extracted from their carpet during the cleaning process. With this report, we will tell you how your building or office rates against a generally acceptable volume of soil and against the commonly found average. No other company in the industry will do this!

Sample Soil Graph of Nu-Life Client

Is it important to clean carpets? YES!! 

Why remove soil and have carpets professionally cleaned on a regular basis?

  • Clean carpets contribute to a healthy indoor environment.
  • Clean carpets are aesthetically pleasing, making people feel good.
  • Clean carpets create an image and send a message to employees and clients: “We’re professional. We take care of what we’re responsible for.”

And if that isn’t enough…

  • Clean carpets Save You Money because they have a much longer life-span.

Planned Maintenance Graph

Our standing offer:

Call Nu-Life to receive a complimentary lobby/reception area cleaning, along with a brief demonstration. We are always excited to share information about our unique customer care package, including our Free Spotting Program!

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